Employee Advocacy Can Help You Double Your Organic Reach

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In 2015, I hope your company leverages social media as a tool to promote its products and services, share content, grow influence, and every other you-name-it. But is your company “socially-empowered”? Does it run an employee advocacy program? No? You’re forgiven, since this concept is still in its infancy, you should start considering it since it can boost your organic reach without spending a single penny.

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Interestingly enough, reaching people on social has become harder and harder. And there is no clear horizon for it to stop, since we see even more content producers putting social media to use for both personal and business purposes. At the same time, this very fact is pushing people like you and me to share even more meaningful, interesting posts, and have a go at social ads – a solution which brings (truckloads of) revenue to social media platforms.

This is when a solid employee advocacy proves to be a valuable marketing asset. Imagine if your content was also being shared by all employees, with all of them having a following of their own. Wouldn’t it be a nice way to reverse a shrinking reach? Let’s see an example.

You have a company with, say, 10,000 fans on Facebook and 1,000 followers on Twitter. Best case scenario, the posts sent through your company profile will reach 11,000 folks.

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Now, let’s say your company is socially-empowered. Your business has 25 employees with these average followings: 338 friends on Facebook and, say,  208 followers on Twitter. My fondness for maths is somewhat limited (read I hate it) but 25x(338+208) results in 13,560 people likely to see your posts, adding up to the initial 11,000 – and you get it, you’ve doubled your reach.

So here’s the deal; If you have a socially powered company, it’s a good opportunity to engage your employees in your advocacy programme. By encouraging them to share their professional achievements and what makes them happy at work could do miracles for your social media strategy. Think about it!

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