Dubsmash Becomes A Full Video Messaging App

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You may have come across Dubsmash, or at least one of its “dubs” at some point recently. Dubsmash is an app that allows users to lip-sync over movies or music videos and then share them on social networks. The Berlin-based startup that developed the app doesn’t want its users to leave after sharing their “dubs”, so it has just updated Dubsmash, to allow users to message each other with full video messaging capabilities.

You heard that right. Video captured on the app can now be shared directly within the app itself, rather than through other apps and messaging channels. The app currently has over 100 million users who share over 35 videos a second which is apparently “double the rate of YouTube”, and the idea is to take that activity and keep it within the app instead of moving it onto Facebook for example.

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The user experience has been completely redesigned, and users can now see the following changes

  • • Profile Dubs – Now users can create a profile that features a favorite dub, making it easy to be identified and connected with like-minded people and friends.
  • • DubTalk Conversations – Usres can use video to send messages to friends within the app, and respond with video reactions.
  • • Group Conversations – Users can now create private chats with groups of friends and send and react to messages with custom videos.
  • • Discover – Users can search for and discover favorite sounds seamlessly.

Jonas Drueppel, Cofounder & CEO of Dubsmash explains that

Since releasing Dubsmash, we’ve seen people use dubs like they use emojis, and there are many times when a short video message is the perfect way to express yourself. Video will be the predominant way we communicate in the next five years, especially with our close friends in small groups, and with Dubsmash 2.0, we’re enabling a native video chat experience.

If Dubsmash wants to survive and continue to grow, it has to create a platform that “will change the way people connect with each other”. It seems this is exactly what the company is trying to do!

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You can find Dubsmash’s latest version on iOS and Android.

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