DriveBox Is The File Transfer Tool You Have Been Waiting For

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There is one thing about being a digital marketer: the files we need to send to our clients, or the ones we need to receive from designers, are often way too large for our inboxes. As a consequence, we often have to rely on third party websites, like wetransfer. But in the best of cases, that means uploads, downloads, etc….

Here comes Drivebox, a new way to receive large files without the need to manually download them.

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Drivebox links up to your existing Google Drive or Dropbox account. Once authorised to use your cloud storage service, Drivebox will create folders where other people are able to send you files, without having to sign-up.

All you have to do then is to share the URL of your Drivebox and you will get a notification every time someone uploads a new file in your dedicated cloud space.

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Jacopo Daeli, the developer of Drivebox, explained:

I guess the reason why I created is because I was tired to use wetransfer. With Drivebox, there is no signup for senders, no need for you to manually download files anymore. Everything goes straight to your cloud.

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