Draw On Every Photo Shared With Facebook Graffiti

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Do you sometime feel images are boring on Facebook? Do you believe you could make them much more awesome that they are if you could edit them? Do you love flashy colours? And, do you love when your art work gets to be seen by millions?

Well then, you definitely need to start using Facebook Graffiti.

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Facebook Graffiti is a Chrome add-on (Chrome only for now guys) that lets you draw on any photo shared on Facebook. Any photo, that means the photos you shared but, more importantly perhaps, even the photos shared by others!

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And you now what is really cool? Everyone using the add-on will see your “art” as it will stick to the photos you have drawn upon. Yes, everyone who is part of Facebook Graffiti will see the photo the way you will see it too!

Here is the current photo of our Facebook page, with a little add-on colour:


And of course, once we edited (drew on) the photo, it says that way on the page, for all Facebook Graffiti users :)


Oh, and Facebook Graffiti is totally anonymous. So, unless you sign your art, no-one will know you did it. That does not mean you need to go weird on things, remember to treat everyone with respect! Don’t go do to someone’s photo what you would not like someone to do to yours.

Here’s a video that summarises it all:

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