Double your Twitter following in 5 minutes a day [infographic]

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Twitter is becoming a must-have for many businesses. Often used as a customer-service platform, Twitter should not be limited to this. Indeed, it also offers a very strong promotion channel for businesses looking to put their products and services out there.

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Like most social platforms, your message is only worth when people get to see it. So although it should not all be about numbers, the number of followers you have on Twitter will directly impact the reach of your message. Getting new followers should not be a one-off effort but become part of your daily routine. The following infographic by WhoisHostingThis will help you do just that.

What to Remember

  • 135,000 new users are signing up for Twitter everyday
  • – The more you tweet, the more followers you may get
  • Promote your Twitter everywhere you can (offline and online)
  • Keep your followers engaged, otherwise they will unfollow you

Check out the infographic for more!


How do you intend to apply these tips?

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