Don’t Forget To Do your Facebook Security Checkup

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A lot of talk has been going on about staying safe and secure online. All major social networks have released a series of features that enhance security -such as two step authentication– and provide users with a full overview of their account’s usage and devices that have access to it.

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A few days ago, Facebook launched yet another feature that will make the social network a safer place for its users. The new tool, called Security Checkup includes a variety of functions users can turn on for added safety.

As Melissa Luu-Van, Product Manager wrote:

We want everyone to have a safe experience on Facebook. That’s why we have dedicated teams and intelligent security systems working around the clock to help keep your account secure.

In the following weeks, users will get to receive a notification that will prompt them to do an easy, three-step checkup in order to ensure that everything’s under their control.

The first step includes an overview of the devices that have access to your Facebook account. From there, users can un-check the devices that are no longer used.


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Next, you can turn on a feature called login alerts, which lets you know if anyone else tries to log into your account.


The last step is all about strengthening your password.


You can access the safety check up tool at any time, by following this link.

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