Don’t Drink and Tweet!

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No need to say that alcohol can have devastative effects. Of course tweeting (or any social updates for that matter) under the influence of alcohol will not have deadly consequences the way drunk driving can have (seriously, don’t drink and drive), but still tweeting after a few drinks will not do you any good.

The following infographic by Addvocate shows how things worsend with the number of drinks you have. You have been warned!

In case you did not follow our warnings (then I am not sure how you managed to read up to here), don’t worry, we have the app that can help you! “Last Night Never Happen” (LNNH) will swiftly let you remove drunk tweets and Facebook status updates in a few seconds.

Available on the iPhone and has dubbed by Apple as “the morning after app”, it seems the perfect tool to hide your tipsy typing on the walk of shame home, or as you stumble throught the door in the early hours to let everyone asleep know how epic your night out was. Of course the app can simply be used to remove harmless unwanted posts as well.

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