Do We Really Need Twitter Polls?

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Twitter isn’t Facebook nor Instagram. It’s not even LinkedIn. And you know what, this is what most of us, including me, actually love about it: Twitter is, well, Twitter. You only get 140 characters to express yourself, DMs are a nightmare and there is only so much you can do with media on the platform. But that is absolutely OK, because Twitter is a place to share thoughts and opinions in real time; nothing less, nothing more. And that is what is awesome about it.

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But now Twitter is apparently testing a new feature: polls. And as much as this can seem interesting at first, I have come to realise polls are the exact opposite of what I go on to Twitter for. They are not opinionated, they are not reactive and they totally lack of immediacy.

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Polls cannot be embedded (yet). So here is a screenshot, but you check the live version here.


So why would Twitter even consider a feature which goes against a lot of the reasons why we love the platform? Because it needs money. Polls create tons and tons of structured data that can be linked back to your profile. In time, polls will help build a profile of your interested, what you like, your political views, etc….. and this is what the business is all about. Facebook understood that way back and today, it is one of the best targeting tools for marketers. And Facebook is also a model of how to make money. Coincidence?

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Don’t get me wrong, polls are cool. Plus they are rather well designed on Twitter. But no, I don’t think we need them. They don’t really bring something better for the users. What do you think?

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