Do We All Lie on Facebook?

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There are certainly things we tend to make look better than they are when sharing on Facebook, and on social media generally. There are also things we don’t share. Sometimes the truth about our real selves is somewhere in between.

This is the idea behind a short film created by Shaun Higton, about a man who decides to embellish his online Facebook statuses when he thinks other peoples’ lives are better than his.

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It starts by a simple truth: people rarely post about their misery, disappointments, separations or heath issues. Like everyone else, people try to promote their better self online. And sometimes, this can get out of hand, turn itself against us.

This short film stars a young man who is making his life look much better than reality when sharing it on Facebook. He turns around everything that goes wrong in his life, but only to look good online. And things soon escalate.

Is there a moral to this story? Probably, yes. As the movie’s tagline asks: “Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives seem so much better than ours, but are they really?”

See for yourself:

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