Do It Like The Best: How GoPro Rules Instagram

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There are many branded Instagram accounts out there, that set the example for the rest of us out there. They place the bar extremely high, making sure they provide their audience with unmatched, quality material that keeps their followers motivated and converts them into enthusiastic ambassadors.

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Today, we picked one brand that truly stands out and we will try to briefly analyse its strategy. GoPro found success on Instagram mainly because it has adopted an ‘unorthodox’ practice to attract audience. In fact, its approach has nothing to do about the brand itself; it’s all about the followers. Let’s explore the curious case of GoPro.

With  almost 4 million followers, GoPro features an extremely active community and an impressive collection of photos. What are they doing right? Here are three main reasons.

Minimising the Overhead

While GoPro is selling cameras, its promotional line on Instagram does not shout “Buy me, I’m taking awesome pictures”. Instead, their path is to showcase how their product incorporates into the lives of the owners. GoPro’s Instagram is a celebration of its followers’ extraordinary moments. 95% of their pictures come straight from their community. That’s right. Their idea is really simple and it’s the perfect example of cross-platform promotion. Users can submit their pictures on GoPro’s website. Everyday, one picture is selected and the winner get prizes and a place on their Instagram account. Awesome content AND competition? You got it! Overhead for content creation? Zero. Their account is the definition of user generated content.

Photo of the Day! Riding high above the clouds. Photo by @BurakTuzer.

Ein von gopro (@gopro) gepostetes Foto am


Apart from the prizes and the place on their Instagram account, GoPro adds a caption below each picture, written specifically for the featured snapshot which mentions the winner and includes its Instagram handle. This strategy makes the lucky winners feel unique, but it also gives the opportunity to discover new, exciting accounts to follow.

  Photo of the Day! @honuwhisperer swims with a honu in Hawaii.   Uma foto publicada por gopro (@gopro) em

Maximising Word of Mouth

The combination of a competition and amazing imagery has not only helped GoPro reach its epic status on Instagram, but it also facilitates the sales process. Users discuss the prizes, participate in conversations and praise GoPro for its initiative. The WOM which is generated by the community can influence buying decisions, by attracting new customers and showing them what they can do with their product. In addition, GoPro is keeping retention costs low by giving existing customers access to prizes.

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Extra points: By placing the participation form on its website, GoPro increases traffic, thus maximising the possibility of visitors making a purchase.

All in all, GoPro has identified what its brand stands for and lets its followers do the promotion. After all, you’re what your followers say you are.

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