Disqus Brings Rich Media into Blog Comments

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Commenting platform Disqus just added rich media support to its service, making text look obsolete for users to express their thoughts. More precisely, Disqus added the ability to include media in your post by simply pasting in a link and letting Disqus handle the rest. You can now include links to media from a handful of providers including YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, SoundCloud, Twitter, and more.



It is extremely easy to add rich media to your comments, simply copy and paste the URL from whatever media you want to include.  Once you have done so, you will be shown a snippet of what that link is going to look like once you’ve committed, and pressed the ‘post’ button. This is how you can make sure you’re going to include the right media and not just some random image from the page.

This function can be turned on and off by admins thanks to a simple selection within their disqus platform settings.

What do you think? Is there a future for words, for text? ;)

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