Disney Theme Parks Ban Selfie Sticks

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An interesting story emerged on The Verge the other day. Apparently, the administration of Disney theme parks decided that selfie sticks -you know, that expandable rod with a camera on one end- are to be banned from its premises.

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Until now, Disney has been planting signs and warnings throughout its parks warning visitors about the use of selfie sticks. However, these efforts yielded no results, so the company is now considering applying a universal ban to the specific photography equipment.

According to the same sources, Disney World in Florida is already implementing the new measures and parks in Hong Kong and Paris will adopt it from July 1st and onwards.

The rationale behind this decision is that, while at first visitors were allowed to bring their selfie sticks to the parks, they used them while riding Disney’s famous roller coaster trains, putting their lives and those of others at risk. While signs prohibiting the use of the equipment were put in place, visitors kept ignoring them, causing problems in the function of the spectacles.

So now you know… now more selfie sticks for Mickey and Co.

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