DigitasLbi Is Launching A Morning Show On Facebook Live

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Since Facebook Live was launched, we’ve seen several TV channels attempt to broadcast some of their programs live on Facebook.

Now, DigitasLBi, the New York-based advertising agency, is taking this a step further by announcing it will create the first Facebook-dedicated live-streamed morning “feed show”.

Named “Rise and Shine”, the program will run three to five times a week, and be shared on selected brand pages by crossposting videos across multiple Facebook Pages, as well as via Messenger.

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The activation will be conducted in direct collaboration with Facebook itself, and will appear during the morning wake-up hours when people are getting up and are looking for good content to help them kickstart their day.

Keenan Pridmore, head of Facebook’s Creative Shop, explained that this type of show is what Facebook users are really after:

There’s a mandate to think about building content that has a lot of value for, of course, brands, but also people. How can we drive entertainment and utility through in a way that develops value for all of the parties?

The show will be run by DigitasLBi North America. The concept is fixed, but the show itself will be flexible, to serve the needs of the brands that will want to get involved, according to Scott Donaton, DigitaLBi’s Chief Content Officer.

Also On Facebook Messenger

The show will also have its own Messenger bot that will invite users to subscribe and receive alerts every time a new episode airs.

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“Rise and Shine” is definitely a sign that times are changing, and that Facebook is transforming itself into a proper content machine. However, the fact that this is lead by an ad agency, also reminds us of who will remain in charge of what we see on our timelines.

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