Digital Marketer, Which of these 7 Types Are You?

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So you are, like us, a digital marketer, Right? Ok, but did you know we do not all have the same style or the same approach when it comes to doing our job? For example, some are data geeks and live by the numbers, whatever they do is measurable and has a clear return on investment. Others prefer when things simply look good, they bet on visual and beautiful graphics first.

What about you?

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The folks at Optify made this infographic a while back and we just got around to sharing it. This is a humorous look at the 7 types of digital marketers. It is a fun approach but it still has as strong underlying message that most marketers, most of us, we tend to do what we are comfortable with.

The 7 types of Digital Marketers:

  1. The Data-Wiz – Obsessed by data
  2. The e-Artist – adores visually appealing graphics
  3. The Social Media Master – caught the social media bug
  4. The Beta Tester – always a step ahead
  5. The Marketing megaphone – the loudest voice on the web
  6. The Old-School advertiser – maybe stuck in the last decade?
  7. The Snarky marketer – knows what you are doing is wrong

Check out the full infographic:

7 Types of Digital Marketers

Did this help you identify what type of digital marketer you are? Maybe it also gave you ideas on how you could be even better?

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