4 Digital Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

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Does your perception of “what is art nowadays?” need to be challenged? Well, these digital artists will set the record straight for you.

One of the privileges of belonging to the generation of social media, is that we get to witness the metamorphosis of art, right on our screens. During this “kafkaesque” period, many digital artists not only look at things through a new prism, but they destroy the prism altogether, to make room for the new wave of “digitalism” – surrealism, utopian feelings, graphic design and mesmerisation. So press “Follow” now. Or you’ll turn into a fly.

Anny Wang @annyversary

Treasures 1

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Anny Wang was one of the pioneers of 3D sci-fi, pastel frenzy, and while other designers are still working on that, “annyversary” developed and matured her work giving us a slightly darker (but still fun) digital fine art/still-life creations. In the meantime, she launched her first clothing collection and VR exhibition, “We Are the Faces”.

Sasha Katz @wonderkatzi

Гершвин @kofenata

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90’s pixelism and contemporary romance made a baby, and Sasha Katz’s art was born. This GIF mastermind from Moscow, opens up a weirdly wonderful world of dirty pinks and blues, dirty hands manicured to perfection, and cute, visual “f*ck-offs”. From Russia with love, to an iPhone near you.

Stephanie Lopes Simoes @lopes_steph


Modern to the bone, and with an appetite for elegant distortion, Stephanie Lopes reinterprets Jackson Pollock, with fashion photos as a canvas. If you’re seeking for a different source of inspiration that not everyone is drinking water from, congratulations! You’ve found it.

Ashraf Khoffash aka PandaGunda @pandagunda


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If we were to have a “Pan’s Labyrinth” sequel, PandaGunda would be the director. There’s no doubt about that. Futuristic to the core, but with aesthetics that exude revisited beauty and terror, “cute” doesn’t cut this one. With numerous collabs in the music world (his artwork for Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s track “Lung” was breathtaking), I have a feeling that PandaGunda will soon be the next big name in digital arts.

Who’s your favourite?

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