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Did Facebook and Instagram Accidentally Release “Bolt”?

by • July 25, 2014 • Breaking News, InstagramComments Off on Did Facebook and Instagram Accidentally Release “Bolt”?4760

Numerous users have reported that a prompt to install an app named Bolt appeared on their Instagram feed. This new app uses as a tagline “One tap photo messaging” and appeared both on iOS and Android users. Do we have another feature from the social media mega-conglomeration?

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A few months ago, Facebook released Slingshot, but quickly retracted it from the app store and re-published it in its official glory a little bit later. Although reps claim that there is nothing to be announced at the moment, questions raise among users.

The main scenarios include Instagram testing of in-app ads, just like Facebook does, or the accidental release of a new app – maybe an improved Snapchat rival. In any case, this wouldn’t come as a surprise, since there are plans for more standalone app launches in the near future.

Whichever the truth may be, common knowledge dictates that all major social networks test new features in a selected group of users. Time will show.

Ad or App? What is your opinion?

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