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CrossFit Is A Thing Obvs, And Facebook Will Start Livestreaming

by • May 19, 2017 • FacebookComments Off on CrossFit Is A Thing Obvs, And Facebook Will Start Livestreaming2201

If you’re as baffled and confused by the announcement as we are, then keep on reading. We’ll provide you with some more details.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, CrossFit has a lot of loyal fans and there’s also a thing called professional CrossFit events which are highly sought after and followed by millions of people around the globe.

In the context of pushing videos and livestreaming, along with securing multi-million dollar deals, Facebook came to an agreement with CrossFit.com to broadcast its official events, along with other content. The livestream party kicks off this Friday, when CrossFit’s Regional Games will be broadcasted.

In the words of CrossFit Games GM Justin Bergh: “We’re splitting our audience to a certain extent, but we also feel like we’re getting new lift and new engagement by having it on multiple platforms”. Of course, Facebook will not be the only player in the field, as YouTube has also similar plans of broadcasting the Regional Games event.

Facebook‘s deal also includes behind the scenes content and shows bearing intriguing names, such as “Coaches Corner” and “Frenemy Friday” (REALLY keen to see what this is all about).

And while watching fitness events from the comfort of our sofa sounds a bit… contradictory, we’re sure that Facebook hit another surefire in its crusade to be the one and only destination for all things content – either personal or entertainment and news. It also signals a crackdown approach towards Twitter, which has been focusing on securing sports livestreaming deals for the biggest part of this year.

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