Creatrs By Tumblr: Awesome Ads Are On The Way

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Many (struggling) artists turn to social media to showcase their work and raise awareness. Among all platforms available, Tumblr is a medium of choice, as it is primarily focused on visual content. For this reason, Tumblr has started a new project name Creatrs, that will help artists connect with advertisers and monetise their work.

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Creatrs project is split into two main platforms. First, Creatrs Network which is staffed by a team of editors who help advertisers find the right kind of artist that will be most suitable for the brand’s needs. So far, around 300 artists have subscribed for this program.

Brands can use Creatrs Network only if they advertise on Tumblr. This means that Tumblr not only opens a revenue stream but it also acts as the middleman, controlling the visual output that it’s published on its platform.

wersm matthew williamson for at&t

The second component of the Creatrs project is an exclusive platform named simply ‘Creatrs‘. This consists of artists that work with big brands, such as Gap or AT&T, and create artwork or designs for events or other advertising purposes.

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Interestingly enough, this project has been on board for half a year now and it has reportedly generated deals that paid creators an amount around $250,000. For now, you can write an email to Tumblr team and let them know that you’re interested in joining the Creatrs project. Hopefully, it will be open to everybody interested in the near future.

Image courtesy of Matthew Williamson.

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