Creative Disruption – 5 Product Image Ideas For Great Social Media

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The crucial and undeniable importance of images in social media never stops feeding innovation and creativity in that domain. Necessity, as we say, is indeed the mother of invention.

So why, oh why, do so many small businesses continue to photograph their products as if they were for a Sears Catalog? Yeah, I’m talking to you who won’t stop with the white backgrounds!

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Your product staging has mastered the “Macro Shot” and the “Unusual Angle,” okay? There is so much more!   Ready to take some tips for causing pleasant disruption in noisy feeds from some of the brands that are nailing it?

I’ve culled these Top 5 favorite product staging ideas from my very own feeds:

The Unusual Situation

When something’s not where it’s supposed to be – or doing something it doesn’t normally do, it stands out. The brain revels in the dissonance.

Squirrel – LaCroix

All this little guy wanted to do is drink Piña Fraise 😍😍 #happyfriday

A photo posted by LaCroix Sparkling Water (@lacroixwater) on


Guitar – PBR


Vase – FootCardigan

Dads like flowers, too. Show him you care with a dozen socks over the course of a year. #fathersday

A photo posted by Foot Cardigan (@footcardigan) on


Converse – Lights

Lights on. #chucktaylor

A photo posted by @converse on


Ditch the mannequin hand that models your custom rings. Show me the ring in a sink drain. It makes me want to save (buy) it.

Trade in the glamour shots of your peanut butter cupcakes for an image of your guilty dog lapping them up. I’m going to identify with that; it’s going to make me smile.

The Stealth Shot

This clever product staging truly makes the brain happy. Yes, the experience becomes the focus of the image’s story, but it’s not just that.

The act of looking for the product in the image is entertaining in itself. Like solving a puzzle. It stands out in a feed full of blah product selfies. I’d be way into an account made up entirely of stealth shots!

Pool – LaCroix 

Please be kind and rewind! We’ve got a Sunday on our mind 😎 (📷 @thealisoncitron )

A photo posted by LaCroix Sparkling Water (@lacroixwater) on


PJs – Roaming Cup


Starbucks – Beach

Happiness is…☀️ #icedcoffee #regram: @melodyjoymunn

A photo posted by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on

The Creative Holiday

If there were a list of boring product images, the compulsory “holiday” post would be at the top. The iconic Santa with Coca-Cola shot is lovely and famous for a reason. It’s also in museums. Just sayin’.

 Valentines – Sierra

For all the lovers out there…happy #valentines day. #craftbeer

A photo posted by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (@sierranevada) on


Ole Smoky – Flag 

C’mon, America! Let’s celebrate what makes us great – like a Tennessee moonshine made from a 100-year old recipe.

A photo posted by Ole Smoky Moonshine (@olesmoky) on


Sharpie – Ides of March 

Beware the Ides of March! #idesofmarch #march #juliuscaesar #caesar

A photo posted by @sharpie on


The Activist

Hooking up with a cause is a no-brainer. But it needn’t make us yawn.

Lush – Sharks 

#savesharks #finfree #lushcrossironmills

A photo posted by Lush Cosmetics (@lushcosmetics) on


Pride – New Belgium


Bullying – DuckTape

Join hands and stick together against bullying. Find out more at PACER.org/Bullying. #ducttape #sticktogether

A photo posted by Duck Brand (@theduckbrand) on


The I Didn’t Think Of That

Hinting at the infinite usefulness of your product is paydirt. Simply Orange Juice does this to perfection. Their Facebook page is fully stocked with recipes for cocktails, barbecue sauces, marinades, and all manner of concoctions that incorporate their products. And Sharpie’s Instagram account has long been making a permanent mark on creative product use.

Simply Orange – Cocktails  


Sharpie – Prom Dress 

Forsake the white background. Brainstorm perfect disruption. Make the Internet a more beautiful place.

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