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Twitter has become well-known for being the go-to platform to cover breaking news and live events. But that too often becomes a one-man job, because of who can access your brand’s Twitter account, or who can not.

With BeatStrap, you can add all the people you want to tweet into one single “beat.”

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BeatStrap is all about enabling teams to work together to cover a live event on Twitter. Once you sign up to the service using your brand’s Twitter account, it will create a branded page where you can create different “beats” – i.e. streams for a specific event.


The great thing with BeatStrap is that you can choose to add as many Twitter users as you want to contribute to your “beat.” And the other great thing: contributors can share content from Vine, Instagram and YouTube alongside the real-time tweet coverage.

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Beats can be created, edited, and managed on all your devices from desktops to smartphones and they can be embedded on any website.

BeatStrap uses the freemium model. That means you can use the app for free but the number of contributors and active beats you can use will be limited. For a premium, you will be able to get more contributors, more active beats and you will be able to add custom branding.


So Why Should You Use BeatStrap?

Contributors use their own Twitter accounts, that means you do not have to share your Twitter login details with them.  And because each contributor uses a unique hashtag for the beat, it makes follow conversations easier, even outside the app.

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Also, your brand is seen as a “host” for the team covering the live event, not the author. It could also becoming a good safety net should some comments not fir your brand’s personality.

Finally, being able to embed Beats on your website, is a great way to generate extra web traffic towards your website.

What do you think of BeatStrap?


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