Cornetto Adds Craziness To Your Tweets

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Twitter is a great media but truth being told it is not always the easiest one to build fun experiences. Well the guys at Cornetto in Spain and their agency LOLA Madrid, thought they could.

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Thanks to these two funny birds, the ice-cream brand Cornetto brings more craziness in Twitter. Named Tweet Couple, this campaign is starring a parrot and a dodo who will write your tweets for you.

Interaction is at its maximum as the characters will literally react to what you write. They will laugh out loud everytime you type in LOL, play violin every time you add the emoticon « :-( », venerate each hashtag and look right into your eyes every time you will use “bad” words! And of course, you can make the two birds go wild by feeding them nice cornettos.

This campaign brings a fresh look on Twitter and aims to remind users of the surprising pleasure of a Cornetto.

So, what will be your first crazy Cornetto tweet? Go to Tweet Couple now :D

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