Connect Your iPhone To Your Apple TV To Tweet While You Watch

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You can now connect your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV and tweet while you watch. Just use your device’s keyboard.

Tweeting while you watch on the Twitter app for Apple TV has become a whole lot easier. Twitter has announced (in a Tweet) that users can now connect their Apple mobile devices directly to their Apple TV and link their iPhones or iPads up with their accounts and tweet away. The feature comes as an update within the Apple TV Twitter app.

In order to connect and use the feature, all you have to do is open the Twitter app on your iOS device, while you’re also on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV. Long-press your Siri remote for three seconds, and you can then select your Twitter handle. Then you will be ready to tweet directly to the live timeline that appears on the right-hand side of the broadcast – using your iOS device.

This feature obviously makes tweeting during any of Twitter‘s live broadcasts a lot easier, as you can now simply use your iOS device’s keyboard to do so. But that’s not all. You can reply, like, retweet, as well as add images or GIFs very easily. Ryan Troy, Twitter TV’s product manager explains how this feature also increases the interactivity of Twitter’s “daily programming:

People love to tweet while watching their favorite TV shows because it allows everyone to experience what’s happening together. This update, combined with Twitter’s daily programming that’s shaped by tweets from the audience, helps enable true interactive TV.

I love it… what do you think?

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