Coca-Cola’s #CokeMyName Lets You Interact With a Billboard

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It seems Coca-Cola has an obsession with names. You might remember the “Share a Coke” campaign… Yes, the one where people’s names are printed on Coke cans and bottles and encourages you to share a Coke with a friend. Now, the company is going one step further with a microsite and interactive billboard on Times Square that you can Tweet to and get interesting facts about your name. So, what’s in my name?

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The #CokeMyName campaign is an extension of Share a Coke and consists of a billboard on Times Square that will display interesting facts about your name when you tweet to it using the relevant hashtag. Behind the outdoor activity there is a microsite that Coca-Cola created with Google, that helps concentrate all the data about users’ names.

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Once a user tweets the hashtag, the billboard should display the user’s name with some fun facts about it. After about an hour the user gets a photo of the billboard with their name on it. It’s a great idea since  you don’t actually have to be in New York to do this, and it also opens up the activity to anyone across the globe, at any time. To make this project happen, Coke worked with Clear Channel Outdoor.

Sean McCaffrey, the company’s Senior VP of national client strategy and partnerships explained that the decision to open up this campaign in this way,

“potentially then seeds more social sharing amongst your Twitter followers [and] social impressions… It’s the interesting convergence of the mobile, digital and physical worlds.”

The billboard is the only physical part of this campaign, and the only media used to promote it. The rest is totally user-generated.

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