Cleanse Your Facebook Newsfeed In 30 Minutes

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Is your Facebook newsfeed filled with depressing or boring crap you wish you’d never seen? Yeah, that’s kinda your fault. But you can fix it in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how.

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The Facebook Algorithm is a sophisticated beast – but allow me to distill its workings into one maxim you can take to the bank. All it really does is serve you up more of what you click on. YUP. That’s it.

If your Facebook feed is full of depressing, whiny stuff that makes you wonder if Facebook should really be called the “Bad News Network,” there’s a reason. And that reason is YOU.

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I’ve always “known” this intellectually, but I saw it in action during the last couple weeks when I developed a quasi-obsession with a certain bit of salacious in the news. Just so you know I’m not gonna get all Vague-booker about it, I’ll just come out and say what it was. It was the Duggars.

The Duggar Story was like a perfect storm for me. And Facebook‘s algorithm unwittingly enabled me to screw up my entire Facebook universe by delivering to me in bulk what I couldn’t refuse.

All it took to set it off was clicking on ONE Duggar story. Facebook‘s algorithm, seeing that I was likely to click on the “trending” keyword, queued up every freaking thing that was written on the Internet about the Duggars – from any perspective – for 14 solid days.

And I didn’t help. I kept clicking on the madness. It was almost like I couldn’t help myself. And Facebook “knew” it.

Luckily, I understand how the algorithm works and how to stop it… and myself. Once the cleanse began, though, I took it to a whole new level. Here’s how you can, too.

To cleanse my feed, I purposefully visited good-news, positive, life-affirming, sublimely interesting Facebook pages and people. Then liked, commented on, and shared their posts.

Immediately, the Duggars’ disappeared from my feed – replaced by things I preferred to care and think about. That’s it. ONE STEP. It was the OPPOSITE of complicated.

The Facebook algorithm responded exactly as it is programmed to – it delivered so much good and useful to my feed that I found myself scrolling longer and engaging more. You know that saying? That “You Are The Sum of the 5 People You Hang Around Most”? Yeah, your Facebook Feed is exactly that – but on steroids.

Does the content of my feed matter?

Well, there are several studies that say it does. They suggest, in fact, that social media is so important to our lives – often what we check before getting out of bed each day, while we’re brushing our teeth, on the toilet, or drinking our coffee – that it has to power to set the mood for our entire day.

And it is the very definition of responsive. Hyper-responsive, even. The first thing you click on tomorrow can determine the tone of the “news” you’ll be delivered for the rest of the day.

To be clear, I am not advocating blindness about the world around us. There are issues that I care about a great deal. But if I don’t purposefully seek out life-affirming posts, sadness is all I would ever see on the social platform where I spend most of my day.

Does it freak you out a little bit to think your Business Page matters that much? It does. Take a few moments today to evaluate the part your page’s posts play in THE MOOD ALGORITHM. Is your page sharing what you would want to read?

This week, embrace, support, and contribute more of what you’d like to see on the internet – simply by clicking on it.

If it doesn’t change the tone of your week – I’ll eat a banana dipped in chocolate on video. And I’m not a fan of any of these things. We can talk about that madness later :-).

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