Cheers 2.0! Budweiser Helps You Make New Friends on Facebook

by • May 1, 2013 • FacebookComments Off on Cheers 2.0! Budweiser Helps You Make New Friends on Facebook5588

Budweiser has launched a new Beer Glass that automatically adds Friends on Facebook when clinking glasses. Discover Cheers 2.0

The “Buddy Cup” is very simple: everytime two cups clink, the cup holders become friends on Facebook.

Each cup contains an RFID chip that gets activated before it gets filled the first time by scanning a QR Code which will associate the cup with your facebook account. When 2 cups are in contact, the RFID chips connect and automatically exchange friend requests between the 2 cup holders. Now the job if for you to remain in full consciousness of your acts during the night and not “clink away” with total strangers :)

Only available in Brazil at the moment, the Buddy Cup should however reach all countries where the beer is available very soon!

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