Check-in and Fetch – The New Get Fit Game For Your Dog

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Social media, and more globally the Internet, takes its real meaning when it becomes part of our everyday life. This is the reason why I particularly love these online/offline campaigns that mix social media activities with offline experiences.

One brand that knows how to do this is Granata. The German pet food company is known for a great interactive billboard campaign they made a few years ago (see the video here). This year, they did it gain with #SnackBall.

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#Snackball is a campaign by Granata Pet Food to remind dog owners that their best friends need to exercise. So Granata actually gave dogs a way to exercise themselves and get rewarded for it too!

The concept

The #Snackball machine is started with a simple Foursquare check-in. Then #Snackball will throw a ball for your dog to fetch. Upon bringing the ball back, the dog will be rewarded. Simple, right?

The technology behind the concept is not so simple, although it is rather straight forward. I will not elaborate on the Foursquare Check-in, or the electronics behind all of it, but simply tell you that each tennis ball contains a beacon which together with an algorithm, will decide if the dog brought the ball fast enough to be rewarded.

So why do it like this? Because the Foursquare check-in will be shared across social media, because the campaign will get extra buzz online and because it is very cool!

I love these campaigns. The “Internet of Things” is in front of us, and it will be very exciting. What do you think?

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