Cats Deserve Their Camera, Too

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What would the internet be without our favourite felines? Endless man-hours have been spent on watching cat videos on the internet, shot by their proud owners. But if cats could shoot their own pictures, what would they illustrate?

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Whiskas created a wearable cam that you can attach on your cat’s collar. The camera takes up to 6 photos per minute and can update your cat’s Instagram feed once it reconnects to your WiFi. At the same time, cat owners can get a glimpse at their pet’s life and better understand their behaviour.

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Whiskas says that only a small amount of wearable cams are available at the moment – and, unfortunately, only in Australia. For the time being, the brand has chosen key cat lovers (read celebrities) that will help it spread the word – and show-off their furry friends’ intriguing behaviour. You can also check the hashtag #catstacam on Instagram and see what all these cats are up to.

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