In Case You Hadn’t Noticed: Tinder Has A Brand New UX

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Tinder is rolling out a new way for users to navigate the app. Here’s to a brand new look and user experience. 

Tinder wants to make it as easy as possible for you to find love! And what better way, than to give its users a brand new user experience that will give them a “seamless way” to navigate the app. The team behind the app recently announced that there is a new way to navigate Tinder, and it’s rolling out now.

The first change is what Tinder calls “The Modern Touch” in its blog. It is the ability to tap on the edge of a photo to go to the next or back again. Tapping on the bottom of a profile card now also gives you a complete profile view, making the app a lot more intuitive. The idea is to allow a user to find out as much as possible about a potential match – as fast as possible – simply, within a few taps.

The second change it calls “The Big Picture,” is an emphasis on larger photos. Images now take up more space on the app – extending from one edge of the screen to the other. Now, you get to see more of your potential matches. Tinder explains that it’s “all part of an ongoing effort to make our app as fun and attractive as the community it serves.”

Finally, there’s what Tinder calls “The New Swipe Right.” It’s not something you can “see” per se – it’s about how it was built. And Tinder has obviously put a lot of work into it. Your can read more about it here.

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