Calling All iOS Users: Remember Ello?

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Ello used to be the breakthrough network of 2014, proclaiming its free-from-ads policy and its complete lack of ties with the advertising world in general. Stating that “You Are Not A Product”, the social network made a sensation when first launched.

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And then there was silence. After countless waiting lists and passionate manifestos (and grey zones, too), the first “independent” social network experienced a rough landing. However, those of you who are still registered on the website may have noticed an email arriving on your mailboxes the other day.

It seems like the social network is plotting a deployment on iOS. The announcement reads that there will be some pretty new stuff, including real-time alerts and new ways to find your friends. With a launch date set for June 18th, it will be interesting to see whether the social network will show some traction among social media aficionados.

With anonymity and overall identity abstraction being one of its main characteristics, Ello has a strong point to make against similar attempts from Facebook, notably. Will this move breathe new life to the social network? What’s your opinion?

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