Buy Your Friend a Starbucks Coffee with a Tweet

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Know anyone awesome who you think deserves a nice starbucks treat? Someone who might live too far for you to buy him coffee in person, or maybe someone you follow on twitter but have never even met?

Starbucks launched “Tweet a Coffee” – the new way to buy someone coffee via twitter!

Here’s how the new Starbuck’s “Tweet-A-Coffee” service works:

After a user links their Starbucks and Twitter accounts, they are asked to enter their credit card information. Then it’s a matter of sending a tweet to a target user and including a mention of the “@tweetacoffee” account. The $5 is automatically deducted from the credit card and the target user is given a link to download their $5 gift certificate. Simple, fast, and a great way to pay back that coworker who’s been supplying you with your morning caffeine fix this past week!

The service is a follow up to Starbucks Facebook eGift service which allowed users to send gift certificates to other Facebook users. The Twitter promotion will also use the eGift branding for the gift certificates.

Take a look at the promo video below and check out the service at Tweet-A-Coffee.

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