Burger King Makes You Cheat On The Whopper

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In New Zealand, Burger King was confronted with a strange problem: everyone loved the Whopper (their flagship burger). It may seem weird to see it this way, but it actually made it difficult for them to launch their new chicken burgers.

So, together with Colenso BBDO, they decided to make their customers cheat on the Whopper.

The idea was simple: build a Burger King motel where clients will cheat on the Whopper.

A motel was entirely redecorated for this campaign and beds were replaced with tables for clients to sit down and enjoy the new chicken burgers. Why a motel? Because motels are the symbol of infidelity.

The agency first opened the motel to celebrities to start the online buzz. On the second day however, Burger King fans on Facebook could book their “stay” in the motel. The only condition was to check-in the motel upon arrival, so the buzz could spread.

Moreover, guests were invited to share their experience on social media, uploading pictures and updates using the #MotelBK hashtag.

After only 5 days, all the “rooms” were booked and more than 870 “guests” came to try the new chicken burgers. As a result, more than 2 million users were exposed to the campaign (that is half of the New Zealand population) and the engagement on the Burger King Facebook page increased by over 587%!

No need to say how this offline campaign took over the online world to create and spread a huge buzz for Burger King and its new range of chicken burgers!


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