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Harvantics Wall is a new social media platform that lets you build your own social Wall in seconds, cover topics or events that you’re interested in, embed the Wall on your website, have access to real-time social data and more.

Build your own social Harvantics Wall

So, What can you do with the Wall?

  •  Build your own social Wall, your own social website
  •  Build separate Walls for your favorite hashtags
  •  Explore in a beautiful way what your friends or favorite websites are sharing
  •  Embed your Wall on your website
  •  Create a mobile site with content from your social networks, in seconds
  •  Build Walls to cover a story

For the time being you can only login with your Twitter Profile but other social media profiles should soon be available, according to Pavlos Linos, Co-Founder,

Here is a screenshot of my Social Wall on

Geoff Desreumaux on Harvantics Wall


Harvantics Wall comes with real-time social metrics and intelligence.

Along with your personal Wall, you’ll have access to meaningful data to help you see the bigger picture, understand your audience and constantly improve your social media presence.

All data are in real-time and include:

  • fans and follower growth
  • mentions of you, your products or services during time
  • tweet performance by impressions and reach
  • frequent users and influencers
  • top tweets
  • competition research, head to head performance or other comparisons, e.g. PlayStation vs Xbox
  • and more…
You can learn more about Harvantics Wall by visiting their blog.

We think this is a good platform which can help having a better, clearer, smarter view on all your social media profiles, and of course the real-time metrics are a plus.

[READER] Let us know your opinion please :)

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