Build your own Mercedes-Benz on Instagram

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It seems that brands are trying hard to tap into the audiences of every platform and take advantage of every feature offered. You remember back in June where IKEA created the first interactive website on Instagram? Well, these guys have taken that idea one step forward.

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To celebrate the launch of their new 2015 GLA, Mercedes Benz, in collaboration with creative agency Razorfish, created the @GLA_build_your_own program on Instagram. A set of interactive Instagram profiles that enable you to build your own customised SUV.

Using the tagging feature and taking creativity to the next level, the “builder” lets you customise your GLA in 4 steps. The 4 customisation steps you are taken through are: Colour, Wheels, Roof and Grille.

  • Step 1, choosing your GLA colour. You get to choose between 11 creatively named different colours. The range can satisfy pretty much every need; from Cirrus White and South Sea Blue to Cocoa Brown and Northern Lights Violet. We chose Night black.
  • – Then, wheels. Here you are given the option to choose between three different types. In every step they also provide you with the pricing for each one of the options. Our choice was the AMG 19-inch Sport pack.
  • Roof? The Panorama Sunroof of course!
  • – And at last, the Illuminated Star Grille.


Here it is: “You have successfully built your own GLA250 4MATIC on Instagram”.  Now all you have to do is take the pic to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer and have $39,305 to buy the car.

Theodore Mentzelopoulos is the co-founder and Creative Director of Antiglam Conspiracy. He currently works for Interoute where he handles Online Research and Social Media. Talk to him about design thinking, weird marketing strategies and colorful socks.

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