Buffer Announces More Powerful Analytics

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As every social media platform that respects itself, Buffer announced the release of new, more powerful analytics, to match their Business suite. More particularly, the new analytics include:

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  • Google Integration; While Hootsuite has already integrated this feature, Buffer just announced that you can now set your own UTM tracking parameters to match your clients or your campaigns within Google Analytics. Just as expected, this new functionality is available through the link shortening menu. Once turned on, you can add the parameters of your choice to be appended on the link you want to shrink. Great addition, if you want to know from which channels your visitors come from.
  • Within the standard charts, you may now find your followers growth. You can track your audience increase in correlation to the amount of tweets you make, the reach you have and the engagement of the account in general.
  • Custom Date Range. Buffer now offers specific date periods to view your data and match them with campaigns you’ve run during the same timeframe. It offers date  presets as well as hand-picking functionality Useful, may we add.
  • Individual Day Stats: You may click on every date on your graph and get the analytics for that specific day, broken down per post in a comprehensive list.

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All analytics are now exportable for you to handle offline.

What do you think of the new Buffer Analytics?

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