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As Digital and Social Media marketers, we spend a lot of time online, switching between websites and always on the lookout for the next big thing. Sometimes, however, we miss on another great opportunities to discover new approaches, new ways of thinkings. Yes, people, there is more out there than the Internet.

There are books that just change the way you think after you read them. Better And Faster, the latest book by Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of TrendHunter.com, is one of them.

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Better And Faster makes a simple promise: give you the proven path to unstoppable ideas.

The book is written by Jeremy Gutsche who, as the CEO of TrendHunter.com, has spend decades looking into the most innovative ideas.  Jeremy believes that we are not exploiting our full potential and that there are techniques that can help us get better ideas faster.

His approach: connect what does not seem to be related, and see how everything is connected. He explains that if we can do this, if we can understand “how chaos works”, then we could be better at almost everything. Why? Because we would make better choices.

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I think his ideas are amazing and definitely a breath of fresh air for creatives, innovators and marketers also, of course. But don’t take my word for it, here is video trailer of the upcoming book by Jeremy Gutsche:

And that is not all, as a reader of WeRSM, you can get early access to Chapter 1 of the book, right now! Just download it, read it, and make your own opinion about the book:

➤ Download Chapter 1 – “Better and Faster” by Jeremy Gutsche

As for me, I think this book can be a life changer for many marketers. We are making choices, taking decisions every day. Unfortunately, these are usually based on what we already know, of what we have already done. What if we could open up our mind a little bit, rely a bit more on our instincts and make Better and Faster ideas?

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