Björk Proves Once More That She’s A Digital Pioneer

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Even if you don’t like her music, we can all agree that Björk has achieved universal appeal not only because of her quirky looks but also thanks to her skillful handling of digital channels and available technology.

Back in 2015, Björk released a 360-degree video for Stonemilker, a song from the critically-acclaimed album, Vulnicura. She was the first artist to do so, and even before that, she once used the Reactable, an electronic music instrument/interactive-table, which produces sounds based on how objects are placed on it.

This time, the Icelandic singer/songwriter will be giving 100 Audiocoins to anyone buying her latest album, Utopia. Blockpool is facilitating the offer, which will also provide all album owners with an e-wallet. The blockchain company has been working with Bjork’s label to develop a crypto checkout and reward functions, for users of the Bjork store.

Audiocoin is a cryptocurrency specifically designed for music lovers, which can be exchanged for real currencies or other cryptocurrencies, or even store in an e-wallet – so that owners can get interested. If all this sounds “greek” to you, then it would be useful to know that Blockpool will also be providing information for people who don’t know anything about crypto, or for those who simply want to find out more.

Björk is setting a precedent that many artists have tried in the past, but have not had equal success; She’s the master of experiential art and marketing, and not only an artist. That’s also a talent though, right?

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