Bits And Pieces: The Burger Debate, Science on Twitter, And A Welcome Disappearance

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So how was your Halloween? I kept all the candy for myself, and it was damn fine.

On other news, this week has opened a big debate about hamburgers, Twitter looks a bit smarter and Donald Trump disappears from Twitter. ‘Twas a good week.

Google Will Fix Its Burger Emoji

And that a promise y’all. A huge debate started, when the keen eyes of internet lurkers noticed that while Apple’s burger emoji places cheese between patty and tomato, Google places it between patty and bun. What kind of sorcery is this, Google? You want cheese to melt to the warmth of the patty and absorb tomato juice, not transform the bun into some sort of soggy yeast by-product.

Thankfully, Google CEO Sundar Pichai took notice and decided to make up for this shameful design mistake by dropping everything much less important (like, your privacy, duh) and putting the emoji issue as a priority item in the pipeline. That sounds about right.

Snapchat was quick to react with a new Lens, though…

Twitter Can Be A Place For Smart People

We don’t say this because there’s a particular somebody out there (*cough* 45 *cough*) who’s a complete idiot. Why would. you. even. think. that? Twitter is a *safe* place y’all, and it can also be a place for smart people. All of these wonderful members peers came out of their caves when an unassuming user posed the simplest, most beautiful question.

One by one they started sharing their thoughts.

Twitter, you have a lot of super smart people on your platform. Use them wisely. Promote them for free. Do something.

Trump’s Twitter Account Goes M.I.A.

45 is known for its avid policy making skills that unravel eloquently on Twitter. But yesterday, the President’s account disappeared for a whole 11 minutes.

During these 11 minutes, the world became a peaceful place, extreme vetting was abolished, women got their pride back again, access to guns was restricted, LGBTQ communities enjoyed equal rights, healthcare was free, climate change was averted.

For a whole 11 minutes, the world was a better place. We will hold these 11 minutes close to our hearts, and we’ll remember them and cherish them when we will be lying in a fetal position next time tangerine man threatens rocket man with nuclear holocaust. Covfefe.

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