Bits And Pieces: It’s Hard Being An Influencer, A Fan Of Old Fashion Mags, Elon Musk, And More

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Yes, I’ve been out last week. But, it’s better to write nothing, than to write just for the sake of it, right?

So, here’s the latest update of Bits And Pieces, with stories covering everything from Zoella to Elon Musk, and some retro-fashion love. Here we go.

Zoella Faces Backlash Over Advent Calendar

Ahhh, the hard life of the YouTube superuser/influencer/entrepreneur! Beauty vlogger Savvy Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, who has 12 million subscribers on her channel and 11 million Instagram followers, was hit hard by controversy, after putting a £50 price tag on her branded advent calendar, which has… only 12 doors?! That’s like blasphemy, and a blatant ripoff, right?

On the other hand, Zoella is hugely successful, and we can’t expect everyone to understand the context of her success; she CAN put a price on her fame, and that’s good for her. Still, the moral of the story? Please don’t “milk” your fans. Oh, and when you do eff up, own it – don’t just offer a non-apology. Mkay?

Fashion Gems From The Analog Age

There’s “no business like fashion business,” and social media has decisively democratized it. Fashion icons, trends, and styles are established overnight on Instagram. However, there was still a time when fashionistas would wait for the latest issue of one of the style bibles, and iconic photoshoots would make (or break) cultures.

All those images are unearthed and republished – where else? – on Instagram, courtesy of Rosanna Tich, an avid fashion lover, and magazine collector, from Hackney, London. Magazine_Fan, is a digital archive of fashion’s moments from the past 50 years. A feast for the eyes.


Kindle Turns 10. What Have You Been Reading?

Happy Birthday Kindle! We love you! May you live long, happy, and prosper. To celebrate the special occasion, Amazon revealed the 10 most popular books on the device. Here’s how it goes. Fifty Shades of Grey and Hunger Games?! Ok, humanity, I am losing my patience.

Elon Musk Is A Sensitive Man Y’All

Elon Musk got up close and personal in his latest interview on Rolling Stone. Apart from discussing his plans on space exploration and the future of cars, Mr. Musk also touched upon the state of his personal life, revealing himself to be a sensitive heart, with a burning lust for LUUUUUUV. In his own words: “I just broke up with my girlfriend,” he says hesitantly. “I was really in love, and it hurt bad.”

Of course, Twitter didn’t have any of it.


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