Bits And Pieces: London Heatwave, A Kim K Fidget Spinner And Some Sega Retro Love

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It has been a relatively quiet week, following a wave online and offline mayhem. Regardless, the internet has awarded us with some noteworthy stories. 

Key focus of the week? The #LondonHeatwave. Our friends, enjoy a “special relationship” with any temperature that flirts with the early 30s Celsius / 90s Fahrenheit. With their world-known wit, they offered us some brilliant commentary on their living scorching hell on Earth. Sit back and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

#LondonHeatwave Turns Londoners To Witty Tweeting Machines

Oh, Summer in London. These glorious 15 days, that we were all been waiting for… to whine our a$$es off. You see, as much as Brits complain about the wet weather, they somehow despise warm weather, too. So here are some top tweets from the past couple of days. Enjoy!

Sounds about right. 

Some habits never die

Or Florida. 



Innocent, decided to put things into perspective… on Facebook

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Own Fidget Spinner

Aaaah! Fidget spinners, the great mystery of life. Countless studies, by leading researchers have not yet shown a purposeful use of this… gadget. Then again, they’re all the hype, so Kim K decided to cash in on the trend and release her own line of fidget spinners. Kim K cares about stress y’all – make it yours today for the low price of $15, plus $4 for shipping.


Sega Brings Back The Games

Sega, is bringing its most popular retro video game titles in the mobile era! The company is releasing Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone and Kid Chameleon on iOS and Android for old users to remember and rejoice and new players to learn and respect. Games will be free for all, but if you’d like an ad-free version, then you can get it for $2 per title.

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