Big Change on Twitter? #Not

by • May 31, 2014 • TwitterComments Off on Big Change on Twitter? #Not3009

All the people working in advertising have heard the phrase: “Can we do something like this but make it look different?”

Apparently Twitter played the same card today as it switched its web interface from Helvetica Neue to Gotham Narrow.

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Of course, this update in itself would not have made the news if it was not for Twitter‘s own enthusiasm to share their “breakthrough” update:

The change is already live for all users and it has created some funny buzz:

On other news, if you were holding back on switching to the new Twitter profile up to now, you have probably lost the battle as it seems Twitter rolled it out to all accounts last night.

I have to admit that Twitter managed to make the buzz when it actually had nothing to say, kudos!

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