B2B on Social Media in 2014 [Infographic]

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Whether you believe it or not, B2B is very close to B2C when it comes to using Social media marketing. The numbers for marketers are far from disappointing so it’s only natural that social is playing an “amplifying” role in campaigns.

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Real Business Rescue  have put together this very interesting infographic with data collected from Social Media Examiner, Advertising Age, eMarketer, Business Insider, and other media, about how B2B is using Social media in 2014. So, if you’re wondering about what the top social networks are for B2B and the reasons for which businesses need to be on social media, take a look…

Key points to remember

  • Facebook is as popular as LinkedIn among B2B marketers
  • – B2B marketers intend to increase their spending on social media in 2014
  • – The top 2 marketing goals for B2B marketers are Awareness and Lead generation
  • – B2B marketers believe social media is mostly about increasing exposure.


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