Are Your Facebook Ads Relevant?

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If you have doubts about it, then there’s a solution for that. Facebook is adding tools to show relevance scores to marketers, so that they can adjust their ad units accordingly.

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We all know that the more relevant the ad to a specific audience is, the more likely it is to have an impact. That’s why Facebook is rolling out this specific toolset, to show advertisers what works and what could be tweaked and optimised.

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Relevance scores are the outcome of the feedback an ad receives – positive and negative – and can range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

The more positive the feedback an ad receives, the higher the relevance score is. Positive feedback can be defined according to an ad’s objective and it could include video views, conversions, engagement etc. On the other hand, when people report or hide an ad, then this is considered as negative feedback.


However, we should take into account that relevance score does not apply to ads that were created to reach a specific amount of people or shown a defined amount of times (Reach and Frequency ads). Ads whose goal is brand awareness, are affected at a lesser degree, as their goal is to introduce users to a brand/product and not drive a specific goal completion – such as clicks, or purchases. So really, the basic rule remains to choose the right objective for your campaign.


Facebook‘s Relevance Scores for ads can be a great indicator for the success and the cost of the ads. Apart from the obvious – that is, if your ad is relevant – advertisers can predict that the cost of reaching conversions could go higher up, if the relevance score is low. However, when competing in the same target group, an ad with higher relevance score and smaller bid could yield poorer results than an ad with lower relevance score and higher bid.

All in all, the takeout here is that advertisers should test various copies and visuals and then proceed to switching on the campaigns. They should also follow closely the reports and optimise where necessary.  Relevance scores are just guides but they are not the manual for the perfect ad. If your ad works as it is and achieves its goal, then it would be wise to leave it as is.

Relevance score will gradually roll out this week and can be found in your Ads Manager.

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