Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Facebook Ads Expert?

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I ask this poignant, loaded question because most of my clients find their way to me after being horribly burned by a “Facebook Ads expert.” If you’re reading this right now, it’s because you’ve hired a Facebook Ads person in the past – or you’re thinking about hiring one. Or you’ve been ripped off – and don’t ever want to be duped again.

Roger that. Let’s go through the red flags of a dubious Facebook Ads person, okay? It’s gonna hurt a little – because, yes, you suspected this already. And that sucks. But you can take it.

Just to be clear, there are only a handful of us good Facebook Ads people out there. Here’s how to tell if you’re talking to one of the bad guys:

1. They Don’t Ask You About, Or LOOK At Your Landing Page

Yes, the job of a good Facebook marketer is to drive the right traffic to your landing page. But it’s the job of your landing page to convert that visitor. If your marketer doesn’t look at your landing page – on a mobile device – where 90+% of FB users convert, and don’t give you hard edits or glorious feedback, they honestly don’t give a damn about how your campaign actually works out for you.

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Or they just don’t know what they’re doing. Which is a real possibility, too. But, let’s move on.

2. They Don’t Ask You For Hard Demographics

There’s no reason to be advertising your opt-in that leads to a $2500 program to people that make $30,000/yr. You get that, right? There’s no reason to be advertising to 18 year olds on Facebook. They don’t hang out there. An honest Facebook marketer will tell you that. There’s no reason to be marketing a weight-loss plan to an expectant mother. Or, guns and butter to a vegan.

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If your marketer hasn’t asked you about hard demographics, he or she is ripping you off.

3. They Don’t Ask For Your Facebook Pixel, Or Email List

A good marketer knows, that unless you’re selling $10 t-shirts with unicorns or cupcakes on them, you need a base audience. The Facebook advertising machine is the most sophisticated database on the planet. Yes, the planet.

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But it’s not a freaking oracle. It needs DATA. So that it can GIVE you data. Useful, smarter-than-your-grandmother, reusable data. If you don’t have any, see point #2.

4. They Don’t Take Issue With Your Copy

Look, with few exceptions, your ad copy is probably pretty terrible. In a hundred clients, I’ve had ONE that I didn’t have to edit. And that’s because she was so green, she didn’t even know how to sound like a gross business stooge. There should be NO difference in the copy of your ad, and what you would write on your own personal profile – or say to a friend at a bar. With a martini in your hand. None! Period.

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Don’t hate the algorithm. Hate your ridiculous expectations of a terribly inexpensive platform.

Work smart. Speak Human. Win The Internet.

Oh. And hire the “good guy”.

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