Another Halloween Idea From Svedka Vodka Gets Eerily Creepy Using Your Data

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Oh, the joys of remarketing. A single click can launch a series of ads tailored to your web history, your likes, or your comments, in order to convert you from an unassuming web wanderer, into a devoted customer.

Put this into a Halloween context, and lots of creepy stuff can happen. This is the main premise behind Svedka Vodka’s special “Banner Ad Curse” Halloween campaign, devised and executed by Bensimon Byrne agency.

The whole campaign unravels in a “click and switch” manner. Ads featuring seasonal cocktails are being served to vodka lovers, who then click through the banners, but land 0n Svedka’s hub, only  to be presented with a video telling them that they are now cursed instead.

From that moment onward, banner ads follow users around the web as they browse, depending on their online data and location. Here are some examples:

The only way to break the curse is to visit the campaign’s hub and share click-baiting articles, featuring provocative titles such as “The Shocking Truth About Svedka’s Cursed Video!” Naturally, those links redirect to the cocktail recipes.


Svedka Halloween Curse Campaign
Client: Constellation Brands Inc; Svedka
Creative Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Creative Directors: Dan Strasser, Joseph Bonnici
Writer: Matt Doran
Art Director: Chris Brown
Producer: Caroline Clarke
Group Account Director: Chris Roop
Business Lead: Danielle Iozzo
Program Director: Katelyn Porter
Project Manager: Hana Yazdani
Creative Technology Lead: Patrick Schroen
Media Director: Thomas Shadoff
Digital Media Lead: Jennifer Will
Media Project Co-ordinator: Melanie Stevens
Programmatic Lead: Christine Benoit
Programmatic Optimization Manager: Nayab Mali

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