An Infographic On How to Share Other Infographics Online

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I am a visual person, so to me there is no better way to assimilate information than through an image of some kind. Infographics are images made specifically to make the digestion of information much much easier. I love them! And I am sure many people feel the same. 

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However, infographics have one problem – their aspect ratio. They are really tall and skinny, and as we all know, tall and skinny images are not great on any social network. In fact, they’re pretty “unshareable”…

Here is an infographic that will teach you how to share other infographics on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. What on earth else could you ask for? Thanks Lemonly!

Key Points to Take Away:

  •  – On Facebook, include a screenshot of the most compelling part of your info graphic, and a link to the full version
  • – On Twitter, insert the link to the full version and do not forget to add the hashtag #infographic
  • – When you pin an info graphic on Pinterest, do not forget to add a description
  • LinkedIn will automatically add a snapshot of your infographic, but this must not stop you from adding some copy!

Social Media Best Practices for Sharing Infographics - Info graphic Design by Lemonly

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