An Action Plan To Launch Your Business on Twitter

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Twitter is no doubt a great platform to promote your business online. Millions use it every day to discuss everything from news to products and brands and as such, Twitter is a great opportunity for your business to be out there.

Twitter is often considered one of the top medium to build and manage customer relationships but it also does an excellent job as a promotion tool for your brand.

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The great guys at Sprout Social designed this very useful infographic to help businesses launch themselves on Twitter and make the most of the platform for your business to thrive online.

Key Points To Remember

  • Your username says who you are and/or what you do – choose it carefully
  • – Twitter should not have to be a one-person job – get your team in place
  • – Always keep it short and meaningful on Twitter
  • Acknowledge your customers and interact with them
  • – Set goals before you start and measure your success

More than just stats, the infographic will introduce you to 8 easy strategic steps so you can really make Twitter work for your business:


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