Always Find The Best Gift For Your Friends With Wisher

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Social media will revolutionise online shopping. I mean this is already happening with platforms adding new ways to interact with online stores everyday.

But social media can also bring change to the way we shop offline, in what we call “traditional” stores. Wisher is a new app that intends to do just that.

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Wisher makes shopping for friends easier. How? Because once the app is installed on your phone, it will let you know when you’ve passed by an item from a friend’s wish list while in-store.


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On Wisher, you create wish lists. And your friends can see them, scroll through them and even interact with them. It really is very similar to wish lists you can build on Amazon, for example. But what makes Wisher unique is that it will notify your friends when they are in or near a store that carries an item you have added to your wish list. Social shopping in the real world, right?

If your friend decides to buy the specific item, he can make a note within the app that he has bought this item. All your other friends will know this gift has now been purchased, but not you, so the surprise remains in full.

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Wisher is well-received among retailers as it encourages retail shopping in brick-and-mortat stores, hence boosting in-store foot traffic. And that is something retailers always love. And I loved it because it is a great example on how social networking apps can be a real add-on in our everyday life.

What do you think of Wisher? Will you give this app a go?

Download Wisher on your phone now:

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