All The Features Introduced In Facebook’s Graph API v2.7

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Facebook announced a big upgrade to its Graph API earlier this year at its F8 conference, which was great news for developers and publishers. The upgrade gives us “powerful features to build rich app experiences”, and now Facebook is rolling out some new features in Graph API v2.7 giving us more flexibility in how to use the API. Let’s have a look at these features.

  • – Live Video audience restrictions: Graph API now supports the targeting of live video to specific audiences – ages, genres, languages, locations. Live streaming should now be a lot more “accurate and relevant”.
  • – Ability to create Continuous Live video: If you’re interested in creating a continuous live feed on Facebook Live, this is now made possible in the latest Graph API upgrade. Facebook explains that continuous live feeds can be used for “aquariums, museums, and zoos”. I can think of at least ten other applications for the feature.
  • – New Page Insights metric: Another very interesting feature added with the new Graph API upgrade is actually “a new Page metric” which allows “you to see daily follow/unfollow counts”. Page Admins will have the ability to “access breakdowns by organic/paid, source, time, and lifetime breakdown by user demographics”.

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  • – Ad Placements updates: This is not a new feature but rather a design improvement for ad placements. It should make it a lot easier for advertisers to “identify and select placement options” that suit them. For example, “desktopmobileon_facebook, and off_facebook".
  • – New Daily Ad Budget Logic: In the latest update, Facebook has changed “the way daily ad budget limits are interpreted”. It works like this… Whereas advertisers may be charged up to 125% of their daily budget, their weekly spend will never actually exceed 7x the daily amount. So if your daily spend is $10, you may actually spend up to to $12.50 per day, but will not exceed $70 at the end of the week.

If you are currently using Graph API, you can also find further information here.

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