AirBnB Helps You Visit The Most ‘Grammable Places In The US

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It’s not a holiday if it’s not meticulously captured on Instagram, is it? But sometimes, we get stuck with the same cheesy pictures that everyone has already shared on their feeds. So, if you need a new place to visit and ‘gram, AirBnB has the solution.

AirBnB is famous for its spectacular collaborations with various organisations and trusts, orchestrating sleepovers in famous rooms, or even renting out floating houses on the river Thames. The latest one finds the hospitality platform forging a partnership with The United States National Park Foundation, to help promote tourism and visibility in 10 of America’s national parks.

All you have to do is visit this website and choose your park. AirBnB offers options to stay near or inside selected parks, so that you can be at a stone’s throw, but also support the National Parks with your much needed contribution, as well. A little glitch in the system: While we were playing around looking for accommodation in the Everglades, the closest accommodation we could find was in Key Largo – but hey, that’s not to shabby either.

For the time being, you can choose between 10 different parks, and we’re sure that there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, whether that is adventure or “chillaxing.” One thing is for sure; your Instagram photos will be on fire!

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