Air France Lets Kids Draw Answers To Twitter Questions

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It is a fact, peer-to-peer conversations are a brand’s best friend when it comes to customer service. And the next level is, of course, to rely on user generated content to answer the queries of your own followers.

Air France did just that. But with a twist that also allowed for it to become an awesome social media campaign.

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As it happens, Air France is a partner in the upcoming release of “The little prince”, the latest movie based on the story from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. As he was an aviator on top of being a writer, the link is obvious.

So this summer, Air France decided to hand over its Twitter account to…. kids! From July 27th to July 31st, Air France will let kids answer to your questions on Twitter. How? With drawings of course!

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To participate, just ask your question on Twitter and add the #AirFrance and #LePetitPrince hashtags in your tweet. Tweeting in French will, no doubt, help you get a response.


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